TruckerTimer Customer Reviews:


Great app highly recommended

App works just great on a Sony Xperia Compact wouldn't be without it now

A brilliant app. does exactly what it says


Been using this app for over 3 years on my S3 mini, now using my S5. Has been well thought out and it's visible. It's helped me out. PCV driver

Essential for any hgv driver

Has to be best app I have installed. Takes the strees out of driving any hgv vehicle. Well done.

6 stars!

Almost flawless app. Would like to speak to developers urgently please ref possibilities of purchasing APK for multiple devices without Google account. Please please please get in touch!

Very poor.I want my money back

It won't download passed 74% so haven't had chance to use it. I want my money back

Steve A. USE THIS APP ON AN samsungG5s

I am tramper and a good record of my working and driving times is pretty much essential,since I have been using this app I have not incurred any infringements so I am quite impressed at the moment. 'The gps function is best not set at 1 minute delay but at 2minutes for I have found that this function can change modes when the gps is checking its postion with the satilites other than that this is proberbly actually been the best app that I have actually paid for..


As a new driver I thought I'd purchase this app to help me keep track of my hours and make sure I don't have any infringements. All it has succeeded to do is be a right pain in the backside! For some reason I looked at my phone and it has changed mode which messes the logs up etc. Going to try a different app, just wish I hadn't have paid for this one. Uninstalling immediately!

Want to love this app but....

When I have 15 mins poa the wtd continuous work resets to 6 hours this is not correct as poa should not be taken into account as a break. In the same way when I have 45 mins poa the continous driving resets to 4.5 hours. Ps have not selected poa as break in settings

GPS problems

I've updated this but even if on other work and stationary, I'm driving at 7kph dropped to 4 stars needs fixing :-(

Spot on

Cracking app, sorts everything out for you. Really is a massive help. Please check your emails admin, thank you Doesn't work on lollipop?

Been using this app for over a year now, very useful specially when youre using an analogue tacho

Trucker timer

Just bought the app first week of use very very good. Very easy to get started, spot on, great help.


About the most useful and important app I have, keep up the good work :-)

Great app definitely recommend.

Does more than I could have imagined. Gives you everything you need to know. Really does take the hassle out of working out your hours. Only thing I'd like to see is on the daily summary be able to see the vehicle registration and one line of your notes.

Duplicate entries

I've used this app for a few years now but not for driving time, more for WTD. I drive out of an oil refinery so phones have to be handed in at security. If I take a break in the refinery I then need to adjust the log when I leave but for some reason this app makes an additional entry showing a break at zero hours which I have to delete. ... why????


Great app.not sure wtd break is correct. Should be 30 mins.

Better than a big time

Does the job great


So useful! Used all this week for 5 long shifts and will carry on after my weekend break. Very good app clever and easy to use. I use it manually without the gps. Less movement mistakes. Love it.

Had this app since its launch. By far the best driver aid made. 100% must have apo. Well done to the designer.

Cant reset it waist of time app dont get it

Nice for drivers must have really

It Would be nice if it worked with my tracks app or charted where you whent for the run that day in the logs keep up the good work thanks for this app


Its a decent app but a pain in the are if your doing multi drops

Trucker Timer

Been using this app from the start and watched it develop. Luke has done an excellent job. This app has saved me on more than one occasion with my driving times etc. The vehicle check app compliments this as well.

This app is a must for the trucker. It takes away the annoyance of remembering hrs driven, wtd, breaks, the lot.when the truck moves it starts calculating, when the truck stops it's still calculating. Just brilliant.

Excellent app pro drivers must buy

used this app for two months and not had one infringement since. GPS integration works great on my Asus tablet. Highly recommend.

Simple and spot on


Really good app.

I have no issues with this app on Galaxy Note 3. Used it on iPhone previously & no issues there either. Very helpful.

Fantastic easy to use

Amazing simply wonderful uncomplicated. However more obvious wtd breaks or drivers hours break would be useful.

Great app

Cant fault it

What a fantastic aid does everything it should use it all the time

Great app would be even better if it would warn you when nearing a 4.5 hour cumulative driving period. But for that would given 5 stars

Saves you time and fines..... excellent app

Essential app

Works brilliantly. Used on a full shift yesterday. Checked the app against my digi tacho and it was spot on. I had to fiddle with the settings at first but well worth buying.


Looking great till I pressed rest button.had a 1hr25 break and it has reset all the days hours as though I had a 9 or 11 hour break . Quite possibly ive done something wrong .

Super timer.

Truck Timer

Brilliant keeps everything at your finger tips .I would say a must if you are still on charts ******


Really helps keep track of my driving and duty time. A must have for all drivers using analogue and digital tachograph.

Truck Timer

Does all you can ask and with the GPS it does it automatically. You can also amend or delete log entries so if your break goes to other work because you have moved location through walking to the services you can get it back on track. Love it and would recommend the GPS version.

Printable option?

Is there any way in the future that you could make a print in pdf version of logs? Im a freelance driver and it would help me to keep track of what im doing and for who. Thanks. Great app.